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The Militiaman

William Pearson imagines a better world for the people of Lexin. As a militiaman, it is his duty to protect them by maintaining law and order. In reality, he serves the interests of the sprawling corporations who treat the Militiamen as their private security force. When he’s offered the chance to be Chief Militiaman of a new colony, he believes this will be his greatest opportunity to forge a more just society, away from the meddling of corporate bosses. But dangers lurking in the wider universe soon come to his doorstep, sending him on a journey greater than anything he could have imagined…


The Star Mother

Miles beneath the icy surface of Actis, Sasha has spent most of her life toiling in the Ternium fulsenide mines for the benefit of the Totality. Her friend and mentor, Fred, is an immortal troll who promises she’s destined for something greater. Unready to believe in the possibility of liberation, Sasha is distrustful of William Pearson when he arrives, alone and desperate, and filled with an insatiable vengeance toward her captors. The time for choosing is at hand: a lifetime of servitude, or a bloody quest for freedom? The Totality saga continues here.


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