Book 1 of J.D Huffman’s Totality: The Militiaman. 

A story filled with gripping sci-fi adventures where mysteries long forgotten are revealed. Follow William Pearson as makes questionable decisions throughout the dystopian world that is his home and discovers secrets that may lead to an uncertain future.


Written by JD. Huffman

William Pearson imagines a better world for the people of Lexin. As a militiaman, it is his duty to protect them by maintaining law and order. In reality, he serves the interests of the sprawling corporations who treat the Militiamen as their private security force. When he’s offered the chance to be Chief Militiaman of a new colony, he believes this will be his greatest opportunity to forge a more just society, away from the meddling of corporate bosses. But dangers lurking in the wider universe soon come to his doorstep, sending him on a journey greater than anything he could have imagined…

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