Book 3 of the Natan Fleet Show

Without a doubt, Ha’Likka is dead, but the destruction she wrought during the last hours of her life will ensure her memory lives on. Natan takes charge of cleaning up the Haikon while everyone else is busy mourning the loss of the Imperial Palace. Knowing his death in inevitable due to the loss of Hasabi, Natan still battles his biology to stall for time until Vathion awakens from a medical coma. Questioned constantly by Tendel and even his own crew, Natan has little choice but to hope that Vathion is sane. He certainly doesn’t know what to do about the Varas lurking in Gilonnia’s backyard. With his efforts to hide the truth growing more obvious by the day, the real culprits behind the war are moving to regain control of their empire.


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I can hardly wait for the next book!

Once again, K. E. Ireland’s story of a reluctant but determined hero grabs your attention and doesn’t let go for the entire book! Book 3 of the Natan Fleet Show starts immediately where Book 2 ended. The war is finally over. Or is it? The Empire is in disarray, and once again, Vathion rises to the challenge of cleaning up a mess he didn’t make, but everyone else wants him to fix it. Well…not everyone. As Vathion tries to pull the Gilon Empire back together, he makes a discovery that raises questions about everyone and everything. It takes until the middle of the book until the reader gets to know if Vathion can recover from his battles with Ha’Likka, but in the meantime the characters of Natan and Hasabi, Vathion’s parents become more fully developed. Some neat surprises unfold as you learn more about Vathion’s parents, especially his Mom! The Natan Fleet Show series keeps getting more intriguing with each book. I can hardly wait for the next book!

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