Moirae Publishing don't fear the unknown


Why you should publish with us?

We’re small, so we care about our authors and want to see you develop your craft and grow your personal brand.

We offer unique services, such as taking your books to your audience to sell and promote, creating unique merchandise and additional goodies, and provide a built-in community for support.


How are we different from simply self-publishing?

We can provide a sense of structure to encourage getting things done while maintaining your creative freedom to write what you want. We have editors who will help you make your story better, providing suggestions on minor changes.


What do we offer our authors?

Cover art, ebook formatting, print book formatting, manuscript editing, and marketing using social media and personal appearances. We work with you to get the word out that you’ve got a story to tell and it’s worth reading.


What do we get out of it?

A percentage of the sales. Unlike vanity publishers, we’re not here to take your money and leave you in the dust. When your book sells, you get paid and we get paid. Further legalese is in the contract, but that’s the TL;DR.

Since we’re small, we cannot offer advances at this time.


What are we looking for?

We want diversity without that being the focus of the story. We want to break the stereotype that White is Default or Straight is the norm, but we don’t want a story that’s whole purpose is to revel in its theme of diversity. The adventure must rule the pages, but characters who aren’t the usual are encouraged. We want genre-blending gender-bending action and excitement.

We encourage submissions of long-form novels, novellas, light novels, and graphic novels.


English isn’t my first language, but I want to submit, can I?

YES! Our staff grew up with the internet, reading fiction written by all kinds of people from all over the world. Your story may not be grammatically perfect, but if it’s a good story, then we want to see it. Grammar is why we’ve got editors, but please do your best to clean it up before submission. We’re good at seeing past surface issues to find a good read, but don’t make our eyes bleed please.


What will get automatically rejected?

Fanfiction. We want to encourage new stories and new ideas, so while we love fanfiction and believe it has a place in the world, we can’t publish it.

Improper formatting of submissions.


I’m cool with all this! How do I sign up?

We will get back to you if we like your sample chapters and go over the contract. When you submit, the rights to your work are still yours. You can submit to other publishers while you’re waiting on us.

Send email to: Submissions @ Moiraepubs

Subject line must read: Submission: [Book Title] [Author]

Body text in Calibri Font, Size 11: Your genre, target audience, and first 10 pages of your work.