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ClockworkJoker, Marienixza Midaliz Diaz, also known as Mary among friends has 10 years of digital art experience. She has some formal training but is mostly self taught. Her favorite medium to use is watercolors, mostly because you must be far more creative to cover up mistakes that are permanent compared to mistakes that can be easily erased by programs like Photoshop. She works with Moirae pubs as their lead graphic designer/concept artist.

Kuudere Cupcake is a self-taught artist born and raised in California. Currently she works commission based and mostly with digital art, though she has been known to do traditional media. She has a strong love for cats and anything pink.

NAni enjoys making character designs and comics. They’ve been an artist since the 5th grade. They studied at Westwood for graphic design, and their influences are mostly manga and anime; specifically Shaman King, Air Gear, and Black Cat.

NAni commissions