Moirae Publishing don't fear the unknown
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We’re not your run of the mill publisher.  We’re into the unique stuff! 

We are creating a coalition of Fantasy/Scifi/Romance authors who are approachable, nice individuals who take pride in their craft and believe that a good story is worth sharing with the world; no matter how wacky the premise gets. Our goal is to provide stories that travel more unique paths than what’s currently available on the market bookshelf. Our genre and audience may vary, from young adult to adult, scifi, fantasy, and anything in between, but our mission is to explore old themes in new settings.

Other publishing companies don’t put much effort into advertising an author or their books anymore. Instead, they focus on a few chosen titles. Our strategy is to aggressively create an ad campaign that utilizes multimedia and social media to spread awareness of our products. We will have not just an online presence on multiple platforms, featuring videos and live chats with the authors, but also physical events where Moirae Publishing representatives will personally sell books and promotional merchandise.

This approach combines the best of both the Self Pub and Traditional Pub worlds. Authors will have hands-on control of their stories, but also the support network, editing services, cover services, and marketing of Traditional Pub.

Our core values:

We believe pessimism is the easy way out. There are enough terrible things going on in the world that we don’t need to add to it through our actions. As such, we strive to be uplifting as individuals and with our brand.

Words are powerful and we choose to wield them as tools for teaching, loving, and learning.

Slush pile wants

  • Genre-bending settings (Scifi/Fantasy/Romance)
  • Original concepts for worlds and people populating them
  • Some kind of underlying meta-theme that isn’t outright stated, but visible from an overhead view of the plot line
  • Female/more than one female-identifying character in the main group
  • Brown/not white characters 
  • Not necessarily heterosexual
  • Disabled but still a main character

These things need to not be the only reason the story exists though.

Plot comes first with us, but having the extra bit of being unusual is what gets our attention. We will respond within 6 months of your submission if we want what you got.